Community of Warriors is an inclusive feminist organization. We have created an online feminist community, and are working on a podcast which features the stories of feminists overcoming adversities and/or making a positive impact on their communities. 


Our aim is to unite, support, inspire, and empower! We want to connect to create change! We believe in bringing people together to support each other while sharing our life experiences, knowledge, art, and skills.

Who are we? We are feminists and members and allies of the queer community. We use this online community to share experiences, advise, and resources. Members are encouraged to submit Blog pieces, share/sell/barter their art/skills/services, and to contribute to the forums. We are here to support one another!

What is a community warrior? You are! We are all warriors just by navigating through this crazy, beautiful, insane thing we call life. When we come together we can and will make a positive impact  on each other and society as a whole. "Embrace the Warrior Within"!   


Josie Timmons

Erica Gividen

Founder/Fibromyalgia Warrior


I'm a sociologist at heart, a feminist, and a fibro-warrior. This is my passion project. I believe positive change can happen when women come together. I want to create a place where women feel safe, empowered, supported, and inspired, and I hope we can use this community to foster postive change within our society.  Fibromyalgia has had a devastating impact on every aspect of my life. It can often take over and dictate my life, but it has also made me the strong woman that I am today. I am a warrior, and warriors don't give up!  I hope we can all come together to share our experiences, foster ever-lasting friendships, and Embrace the Warrior Within!  . 


I'm an art loving, hippie, hard-core feminist and I want to use this community to thrive! I see it as a space where people can come together and share love, positivity, and togetherness in an inclusive sphere. Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by strong women- this played a significant role in my mentality that women can do whatever they set their mind to! I want to play an active role in other women's development as well and look forward to supporting all those who want to participate in this online community.   

Jennifer Scott


I am a feminist, survivor, lesbian, and a warrior! The battles that life so unexpectedly throws at us truly do make us stronger. They show us what we are capable of overcoming, and how sharing our stories helps to empower others. I, myself, struggle with multiple chronic and mental illnesses, and I know that the more support I have, the better equipped I am to succeed in life. It is my hope that with this community we can help enrich the lives of women, and provide a safe place to find love, support, and acceptance. "Be the change"!

Dr. Candice Crawford

Dr. Crawford is a mentor who has been there for many of us during much of life's trials and tribulations. She got her doctorate degree in Sociology from Rutgers University in New Jersey. She taught Intro to Women's and Gender Studies, Intro to Sociology, and Sociology of Family at Jefferson Community College and the University of Louisville. She has been fighting for women's rights since the 60's! We love hearing her stories about those times, and look forward to the blogs and commentaries she will contribute to this community. We refer to her as one of our tribal elders, and we are so privileged that she will be joining us. She will contribue her own bio in the near future.  

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